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About Us!

20 years ago, Chris Sandoval was watching his herd of cattle around the corrals scrubbing up against wooden posts and other objects they had access to. He noticed that flies were attacking the cattle while sitting there. Chris was trying to come up with a product that would serve as a dual-purpose item, a scrubber and a insecticide applicator after many models and trials, the "Escoba" was born. Escoba means broom in the spanish language. The Escoba cattle Oiler is a self-applicator and scrubber that doesnt take any power to operate. The Escoba is very portable and can be used on stocker cattle, cows, bulls, and horses. The Escoba is not only used for flies, it can also be used for ticks, mange, and lice, Chris is now manufacturing the Escoba for fellow ranchers


Time Is Money!

  • Easy setup and maintenance
  • Built to withstand all weather conditions for year round protection
  • Portable, allowing quick and easy transportation
  • accommodates different sizes of livestock
  • one full tank will service up to 60 head


Allow Us To Help You!

We all as a cattle producer have to deal with some kind of pest on/in our cattle. Instead of having to go hand spray your cattle every few days, which takes up way to much time to see little result, use our cattle oiler to free yourself up to allow you to spend that time more wisely. 

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Escoba KC Ranch

1461 Rd 26 Hugoton Kansas

Chris Sandoval 620-544-1502 or Kassidy Sandoval 620-453-0320

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Check out this video of the Escoba being used by cow/calf pairs of a neighbors cattle out in the open with salt and mineral surrounding the unit.

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Topeka Farm Show January 8-10, 2019

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KNID Agri-Fest January 11-12,2019

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SW Winter Expo January 18-20 2019

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Triumph of Ag Exp February 27-28 2019

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Built To Accommodate Different Livestock


Our original unit was built to applicate insecticide onto cattle. After a trial and error process we have built Escoba's to use on goats/sheep!